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The OtherSide Fertilizer Company


Golf Course Quality Fertilizer, For the Homeowner

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Welcome to The OtherSide!  My name is Justin, and I started The OtherSide Fertilizer Company in 2020, with the goal of bringing golf course quality fertilizer to homeowners.  Here's why:

To offer access to a professional grade product:  A true professional grade fertilizer can be difficult for homeowners to purchase.  They are typically sold in bulk quantities directly to golf courses or landscape companies.  We have partnered with a national producer to bring you direct access to their professional grade fertilizer, sold as OtherSide Premium Turf Fertilizer at your local hardware store.

To offer more value:  Tired of the 4 step program?  We recommend only 2 applications of our fertilizer per year.  The fact of the matter is that you do not need to apply fertilizer 4 times per year to have a nice lawn, it's a way to get you to buy more fertilizer.  Our Premium Turf Fertilizer is formulated with high amounts of slow release nitrogen, which releases nitrogen for 10 weeks, on a daily basis.  It is an efficient, cost effective way to fertilize and that is why superintendents fertilizer golf courses with professional grade fertilizer.

It is better for our lakes:  It is important to preserve our Great Lakes, which is why 91% of the nitrogen in Premium Turf Fertilizer is coated, slow release nitrogen.  This eliminates the risk of nitrogen leaching through the soil into groundwater and lakes.  Typical "homeowner fertilizers" contain high amounts of water soluble, quick release nitrogen that quickly wash through the soil and and can end up in waterways,  

To offer a local option:  Our fertilizer was created specifically for our lawns here in Michigan. Our Premium Turf Fertilizer blend was designed and tested at our facility in East Jordan, Michigan.  When you buy a bag of Premium Turf Fertilizer, you are supporting a local business and keeping your money right here in Michigan.​

Premium Turf Fertilizer

OtherSide Premium Turf Fertilizer is a blend of professional grade fertilizer designed to continuously feed your lawn for 10 weeks.  Premium Turf Fertilizer contains 3 different sources of nitrogen that feed your lawn at different intervals.

  • Ammonium sulfate- Quick release, feeds lawn for weeks 1 through 4.

  • XCU- Controlled release, feeds lawn for weeks 3 through 6.

  • Duration 90- Slow release, feeds lawns for weeks 6 through 10. 

Premium Turf Fertilizer

  • 32-0-8

  • Feeds lawns for up to 10 weeks

  • Iron rich for deep green color

  • Apply to any grass type

  • Apply any season to actively growing grass

  • 91% slow release nitrogen


  • 21.7 lbs.

When to apply

  • Apply any season when grass is actively growing

How often to apply

  • For best results, apply every 10 weeks

What's in it

  • Ammonium sulfate                                 9%

  • Iron                                                        3%

  • Polymer Coated Urea                              46%

  • Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea        45%

  • Potash                                                     8%


  • 7,000 square feet when applied at recommended rate of 3.1 lbs of product per 1,000 square feet

How to use

  • Apply to actively growing grass, wet or dry

  • Water as needed

  • Follow label instructions for best results

Product Label

Ammonium Sulfate

Feeds for weeks 1-4


Feeds for weeks 3-6

Duration 90

Feeds for weeks 6-10

10 Weeks of Continuous Feeding

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